I’ve written the following 4 plays.

If you are interested in one, please send me an email :   henry@conceptual.com

Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy

The year is 2048. We’re in South Florida and that means sun-baked folks addicted to cars, cruise ships, fun and guns. Ready to make its stage entrance from the east at the top of the show are those twin demons: sea level rise and salt water.

Maria Martinez, long time resident of Sweetwater, Florida, wakes to find her septic tank out of the ground, busted and useless. All Sweetwater residents will need a place to stay for two months until the tanks can be fixed. Sweetwater is one of those poorer neighborhoods a dozen miles from the beautiful people on the beach and a million miles from the moneyed people’s concerns.

Dr. Beth Thompson, chair of the climate research department at the University of Miami, having spent 30 years fighting the good fight, is a worn-down alcoholic desperately wanting to leave South Florida. These days, she needs only two words to summarize her entire “Intro to Climate Change” class: “We’re screwed.” But at least she knows the answer to: “Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Her husband, Tony Beech, runs a refugee center. He’s got an idea on how to help the thousands of Sweetwater refugees courtesy of the Russians. Tony and Maria shared a romantic past years ago; Beth doesn’t know and Tony has sort of forgotten. On the other hand, Beth knows something about Sweetwater’s future that Maria doesn’t.

“Sea Level Rise: A Dystopian Comedy” explores life in the future when what we pretended wouldn’t happen, has.

Global Warming: A Comedy

So a real estate agent, his client, a climate change denier and three climate researchers walk into a Miami hotel bar. (Stop me if you have heard this one before.) The client wants out of the beachfront condo purchase, the agent doesn’t want to give up the commission, the denier says “Don’t worry, be happy,” two of the researchers think they have the magic answer to global warming and the third one knows everyone is full of crap.

Global warming is the existential threat facing humanity in the 21st century. It’s a topic in desperate need of some humor. Albert Einstein said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

“Global Warming: A Comedy” not only aims for laughter but a change in thinking.

While in Port Townsend, Washington for the week long workshop, we recorded Hank’s opening 3 minute monologue. He’s the Miami real estate broker association’s president and delivers a great speech at the annual dinner.

And I got interviewed for Port Townsend, Washington’s radio station KPTZ!

The Pickle Jar

In 2008, a self-proclaimed expert on dating techniques appeared on Oprah and told women they need to let their men open jars for them. She also told them there are rules for dating, including acceptable locations and discussion topics. In no way can women be themselves.

Susan and Richard met on-line. Susan is divorced and worries about getting older. Richard is separated with sole custody of two teenagers. He’s not funny but is trying desperately to break out of his shell. Tiffany, Susan’s younger and gorgeous next-door neighbor, believes in the dating rules and the power of brands. Eventually, Tiffany schemes to take Richard for herself. Paul, Susan’s ex-husband, though stuck talking business buzzwords, wants Susan back.

The Pickle Jar is a romantic comedy filled with physical comedy, stuff that will make you laugh and some fun social commentary on the roles of women, men, brands and business speak.

Shelter In Place

Frank Bennett runs a bed and breakfast in a town in the path of hurricane Claudia. He’s preparing the place for the storm before leaving. But then his elderly father shows up to “help”. Heidi is escaping a traumatic event in her life. Frank’s son, Sam, is in love and needs a favor from his father. Lastly, Frank’s ex-wife arrives because her boyfriend has kicked her out of the house. All that is happening while the hurricane is rapidly approaching.

Frank is a platinum card member of the sandwich generation and is getting squeezed for all he’s worth. He’s spent a lifetime of suppressing his wants and needs in service to the other generations. Will this time be any different?